Saturday, July 28, 2007


What do you mean we don't want to be in 6 foot waves for 10 hours? But the fish would get well fed! For all the non-divers, throwing up in the water.

The sea worthy craft of Capt Dale! The Capt can also be found on his website, which I will add when I get home.

Nice platform for diving and ladder for climbing with fins. We are going to reschedule the trip for later in the season and we are going to Pearl Lake to dive instead- we have 8 tanks and a baby sitter, hell yes we are diving today!

Good morning! NOT!!!

My pig tails in my hair pretty much represent how old I feel right now, which is three! It is early, I'm tired and grumpy!

This is the bad man who made me get out of bed, but he did let me have an extra 10 minutes since my dive gear was already loaded into the car. Thanks sweetie!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Only so much rope climbing can be done.

You know he has had fun when he falls asleep on the lawn during the presentation on reptiles, which were being passed through the audience.

Cute but smelly!

Noah is covered with mud and we both smell like sweat and bug spray! Believe it or not, I'm totally in my element. Thank heavens I don't have a girl, I wouldn't know what to do!

Almost done!

He got done and yelled, "That rocks!"

Cub scout camp!

I have spent the past two days running around with a bunch of 8 year olds at camp.

Rope course!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

A boy and his broccoli!

Noah and I came into the city to pick up my pay check. Noah insisted we visit the cafeteria. He liked the salad bar and the raw broccoli.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Something at Disney that I haven't seen!

I my family will find this hard to believe, we saw something we haven't seen before- the monorail getting towed! The line from Epcot was obstructed due to the issue. The white vehicle in front is tow "truck"

Hot & tired!

We are on our way out of the parks, they are open to 11 PM, but we are too tired! We are riding with the driver of the monorail, Noah feels like a big shot!

Attack of the spitting tikis!

A letter from Master Gracie, signed yours in eternity!

The boys are acting crazy because of the TV monitors as you come out of Space Mountain. Robb was laughing the whole way and Noah was screaming, and I couldn't figure out why. Turns out Robb was spraying Noah the entire time with the spray bottle. No wonder they were will to let me sit up front. Crazy boys!

The parade !

All the villans

Cinderlla! Baloo came and kissed me.
The haunted mansion remains closed!

My dream home!

The laugh floor

We filled the canister! Noah loved this & it was better than I thought it would be.
Got sent to jail by the boys for having the lowest score on the ride!

The boys in the glowing cue!

My sad score!
Can I get these in my size? So shiny!

Robbs shirt from the Jan marathon. I will earn mine Jan '08!

I have a feeling I'm going to be soaked!

My favorite color monorail- other than the black one.

A girl and her pharmacology book

How Noah would spend all his time if we would let him

My son almost had to live up to his name

Wow, it took 95 minutes in the dryer to the boys shoes to dry out after getting caught in the rain at Animal Kingdom on Friday. He kept on asking me if I knew what flash floods were and if we should be concerned about getting to higher ground. Where in the heck does an 8 year old come up with this? When his father tells him he has to take care of me, he takes that order pretty seriously. After standing for an hour under the little ledge, I finally gave up and hoofed it over to meet my sister. By the time the storm ended, I was drenched down to my undies! You would have thought I had been on Kali River Rapids over and over. Hey! That is what we SHOULD have been doing rather than standing under some ledge. I'm such a loser!

Yesterday I had planned on going diving and decided I needed to spend time with my sister who lives in Utah, that I don't see very often. I spent more time playing with my various nieces- who were there, Noah was the only boy. I got lots of sweet baby cuddles from 10 month old niece, who looks just like those cupid dolls, but she has a mouth FULL of teeth. She would lay her head on my shoulder and I would just melt. What a sweet girl. Two of my other sister's girls continue to have Stranger Danger about Robb and I, which was kind of weird. Kids usually are drawn to Robb and are tolerant of me. ;-) I guess that is what you get for living so far away from the main family.

Today the boys and I are heading out to the parks solo.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Friday, July 6, 2007

Found a rain poncho for Noah, not me

This doesn't show it well, its pouring!

Walt Disney World

You know you go to Walt Disney World WAY TOO much, when you can be within 0.6 miles away and neither you or your child express any distress about not being there. Well, that was yesterday for me. I flew in from Chicago and all I wanted to do was sleep and see my sister. Despite my parents requests to check into my hotel room, I drove to Rain's house and fell asleep in "my" bedroom- I think sleeping is my favorite vacation activity. The boy hung out with his cousins and when I finally awoke, I laid on the floor talking to my newest niece....hence the photos below and I everyone knows that her girls are my girls. Rain and I have been close since our parents whisked us away to Massachusetts my senior year of high school. Have I mentioned that we helped our parents run a hotel? I don't think I have mentioned that yet....well, that could be a whole new blog in itself. Anyways, Rain and I have this pact that if our husbands die or divorce us- we will live together. I think her husband fears I will divorce Robb on purpose so I can live with them. Poor Pat.

Soooo, the nurse is travelling again. I should use this time to post my photos of Disneyland Paris and post some of WDW. Oh Andy and Char, can you please email me the link of our trip photos. Totally serves me right forgetting my camera....

Gotta shower and hit the parks!