Friday, July 6, 2007

Walt Disney World

You know you go to Walt Disney World WAY TOO much, when you can be within 0.6 miles away and neither you or your child express any distress about not being there. Well, that was yesterday for me. I flew in from Chicago and all I wanted to do was sleep and see my sister. Despite my parents requests to check into my hotel room, I drove to Rain's house and fell asleep in "my" bedroom- I think sleeping is my favorite vacation activity. The boy hung out with his cousins and when I finally awoke, I laid on the floor talking to my newest niece....hence the photos below and I everyone knows that her girls are my girls. Rain and I have been close since our parents whisked us away to Massachusetts my senior year of high school. Have I mentioned that we helped our parents run a hotel? I don't think I have mentioned that yet....well, that could be a whole new blog in itself. Anyways, Rain and I have this pact that if our husbands die or divorce us- we will live together. I think her husband fears I will divorce Robb on purpose so I can live with them. Poor Pat.

Soooo, the nurse is travelling again. I should use this time to post my photos of Disneyland Paris and post some of WDW. Oh Andy and Char, can you please email me the link of our trip photos. Totally serves me right forgetting my camera....

Gotta shower and hit the parks!

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