Sunday, July 8, 2007

My son almost had to live up to his name

Wow, it took 95 minutes in the dryer to the boys shoes to dry out after getting caught in the rain at Animal Kingdom on Friday. He kept on asking me if I knew what flash floods were and if we should be concerned about getting to higher ground. Where in the heck does an 8 year old come up with this? When his father tells him he has to take care of me, he takes that order pretty seriously. After standing for an hour under the little ledge, I finally gave up and hoofed it over to meet my sister. By the time the storm ended, I was drenched down to my undies! You would have thought I had been on Kali River Rapids over and over. Hey! That is what we SHOULD have been doing rather than standing under some ledge. I'm such a loser!

Yesterday I had planned on going diving and decided I needed to spend time with my sister who lives in Utah, that I don't see very often. I spent more time playing with my various nieces- who were there, Noah was the only boy. I got lots of sweet baby cuddles from 10 month old niece, who looks just like those cupid dolls, but she has a mouth FULL of teeth. She would lay her head on my shoulder and I would just melt. What a sweet girl. Two of my other sister's girls continue to have Stranger Danger about Robb and I, which was kind of weird. Kids usually are drawn to Robb and are tolerant of me. ;-) I guess that is what you get for living so far away from the main family.

Today the boys and I are heading out to the parks solo.

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