Saturday, August 18, 2007

A dream come true!

So, these odd looking brown items are fruit called salak fruit! I had a different variety of these in Bali and fell in love with them. I have been unable to locate these any where in the states. I had heard that they could be grown in Hawaii, but had been unable to find a grower online and hadn't seen them in any store.

Well, I kept on hearing that there was a great fruit stand on the big island with lots of tropical fruit. I urged Robb to take me there, right when we got off of the flight. I was looking for passion fruit and was totally shocked and delighted to see salak fruit! I purchased four, two of which are already gone! They have a skin that feels like snake skin and it peels off in sections and almost feels like leather. Under it all are what appears to be large garlic cloves. You bite these and they taste like a starchy apple. In the largest bulb- there is a large brown seed. I'll take photos of the next one I eat. So, I'm happy- having a great time, remembering another trip!

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