Wednesday, August 15, 2007

How can you be afraid of a name like Flossie??

Despite a few phone calls and emails from our friends and family at home, we are hearing very little about Flossie. The most impact it has had on us was when we tried to go to Molikini to snorkel today. Due to the "high" waves- which were two to three feet, they wouldn't let us out of the boat because of the large amount of new snorkelers. It was pretty odd knowing that we had the most experience out of everyone on the boat. Robb and I were also two of the few people who didn't throw up. God bless Bonine! (Motion sickness med) Noah was one of the many who decided to feed the fish....poor Noah.

Anyways, they took us to two different sites and we got to see lots of turtles and I got to see a really, really small octopus. Robb stayed in the boat with Noah post protein spill- as I got to be with him during the incident and clean it up. So only I got to see the little buddy, but I did get a great photo for Robb and Noah.

After the dive, we went to a great place for fish tacos, called Jawz Fish Tacos. They had all sorts of salsa and they were pretty good! After all of the swimming and eating, we really needed a nap. We drove to the local beaches by Wailea and took a nap in the car and then we went out for ice cream. I had pineapple and vanilla soft serve, just like I had in Walt Disney World the other month. Yes, it was made by Dole- just like the stuff at the World.

After coming back to the condo, the boys went into the unit and I went out onto the reef. I was really excited to see two huge turtles! I attempted to get photos, but due to the tide coming in and the poor visibility due to the hurricane, none of them turned out very well. With that being said, it was really exciting to be within six inches of the ones here. I wasn't trying to be that close to them, there was one time that I turned slightly from trying to take a photo of a box fish and the turtle was RIGHT next to me. I actually had to grab the rocks and pull myself back to prevent myself from bumping into him due to the waves. I finally swam away from the turtles to see what else was out there and was following some unicorn fish, when I saw a small school of barracudas....after that, I decided it was time to get out. I can hardly wait to see what adventure awaits us tomorrow.

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