Friday, May 25, 2007

After a long journey, it was all worth it! I was in Madrid and was told 4 times that I couldn't get an earlier flight. I kept on running aroung talking to different people and I was about to give up! I had been in & out of security four times and my leg was really hurting! For those of you who don't know, I have torn the ligaments in my right foot and I continue to wear a brace and it is very painful @ times! I was about to give up and find a hotel and decided to ask one last person and thank heavens I did! I was able to get a flight that left at 1 PM vs 6 PM!

The airport in Barcelona is beautiful and is a destination in itself! Many wonderful shops to browse- on a much higher state than what we have in the states- too bad the prices are so high. My roommate was due to get in around the same time, but her flight was delayed.

A can to the city is between 20 and 26 €, so about $40. Since I wasn't rushed for time, I thought I'd take public transit to my hotel. The cost for the trip was €2 and took about an hour. It would have been faster, but I am slow with my foot and stairs & there were lots of stairs- I figured out the elevator later on. If you don't have much Luggage, I highly recommend the train/metro combo.
Esp if you are trying to save some money. There are information locations outside luggage that will give you directions and a great map. If nothing else, stop for the map. The exchange rate outside baggage claim was 1,28 plus 12% comission. Probably a wash from JFK due to the lower comission there.

I have so much more to say. We had a great dinner for a great price and got together with a bunch of people from the However, I'm freakushly tired and need to go to bed!

More to come...

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Taysmom said...

Can't wait to read more about your travels. We are on the 6/16 cruise. I plan on doing the train/metro to get to our hotel. Any specific info you can post on all your excursions would be greatly appreciated! Have a fantastic time!