Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dive, dive, dive!

We are in Sardenia diving off of the coast of Palau! The weather is beautiful and. We were able to see lots of interesting fish. We even saw an orange octopus! The coral fans were beautiful- red and purple, and lots of smaller yellow coral. I decided not to do the second dive since my right ankle was bothering me due to lots of walking from past days. My friends are currently completing the second dive and my gear is packed.

Everything was well orchestrated by the company I selected. The van transport at the pier waiting and he took us right to the boat docks, where we were met by the two owners and two dive masters. The dive masters are from LA and Australia. We haven't had any issue with English and we were given a nice orientation to the area and what we would be seeing.

Stephanie was kind enough to send yummy tea and cakes for us to nibble on during our surface interval.

The dive masters were kind enough to help us with our gear and helped us use the tank attachments for our regulators. The tanks here have both din and yolk attachments on the steel tanks.

I can see their bubbles around the rock in the distance, which means I get to hear more tales of the deep blue! I can hardly wait to see what they saw! The coast is beautiful, you should consider diving for the day. How many people can say they went diving in Italy?


Oh, fish picture will come when I get back to the states- blackberry doesn't work under water.


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