Monday, May 21, 2007

Who am I to be telling you what to do?

The answer to that question is that I'm not anyone in a position to be doing so. Per my screen name- I work in an intensive care unit as a nurse and my name is Celeste. I am explaining this because I've had individuals who think it stands for something symbolic (??), or some other odd conclusion. If look to the right- there is a section which will tell you a little more about me, my age, what part of the United States I live in, what kind of ICU I work in, and that I am currently in graduate school. Did you know I was born in the year of the Ox, me neither!

I am married to a great guy named Robb- who is kind enough to stay home, so I can go on the trip. He knew I really, really wanted to go- but that we didn't have the money for the family to go. He also wants to go scuba diving in the Caribbean, with the pitiful amount of vacation time that his employer gives him. (oh, did I just type that?) Robb and I will have been married for 12 years on May 27th! We are celebrating apart this year, as I leave for Europe on May 24th. I will refer to Robb as DH (darling husband or Disney husband) from this point on. I may also refer to Robb and our son as "The boys".

DH and I have one son- who I will refer to as DS or the Boy. He was very upset when he realized that he was not going on the cruise. He thought that when I said I was going alone, that it meant that we were going without Robb. Poor boy. I felt horrible, until I realized that I had forgotten that DH and I had booked a mini vacation for them to Walt Disney World (WDW) for Star Wars weekends. Unfortunately for me, he said he would rather go on the cruise than to WDW. Darn. So much for letting the guilt go...

So now you are thinking I am really obsessed with DCL (Disney Cruise Line- if you couldn't have guessed) and that I am crazy enough to travel by myself to Europe. While that is completely true, there is a twist to the story. What really drove me to ditch the family and go- was that two of my good friends are going. They are travelling in a category three! Ohhhhh!! This means that they have a bedroom, bathroom, living room- AND a large balcony. Another really cool thing is that my friends is that they have another crazy Disney friend, whose husband does not like to travel. Ta DA! Instant roommate! She and I will be staying in a Category 10- which is normally an inside room, but we were really sneaky and found a cat. 10 with an obstructed view- which means we get to see some daylight and a really big lifeboat outside our window!

Out of the travelling party- two of us have been to Europe and two of us have not. I am in the have been to Europe group....thanks Mom & Dad! However, my parents will be sad to learn that I will not be visiting every historic site. Blame it on them! Being an adult, I realized I can travel differently. I will be spending a decent portion of my trip scuba diving! Don't try it- it's addictive like crack and probably more expensive.

Okay, this is getting wordy.

Here is an outline of where I will be going and what I will be doing...
Thursday, May 24th- Travelling to Barcelona via NYC and Madrid. LONG flight time- but my flight was really, really cheap.

Friday, May 25th- Meeting my travel companions at the Magic Fountains in Barcelona. I am also going to see many of my former friends from past cruises!

Saturday, May 26th- Barcelona segway tour, I've never been on a segway before and I'm excited. We also plan on walking around the Gothic Quarter and GETTING ON THE SHIP!! Non-DCL.

Sunday, May 27th- My wedding anniversary and our first sea day!

Monday, May 28th- Palermo, Sicily. We are doing a private tour of Sicily.... NON-DCL. We will learn about the history of the city, spend time with the locals, and get lunch!

Tuesday, May 29th- Naples/Sorrento/Amalfi. As I have previously been to Pompeii, I thought this would be a great opportunity to see something different. Two of my friends Tracy and Bill are going to Sorrento with me! They are being very trusting and letting me take them into the darkness...they asked if I knew Italian, NOPE! I told them if I could get around in Indonesia, while only speaking English, that we could get to Sorrento and back. We are going on the quest for Limoncello and pizza. If we do nothing else but sit and eat pizza, we will be happy. Non-DCL

Wednesday, May 30th- Olbia, Sardinia. My companions and I will be doing our first dive of the trip in Palau. There are supposed to be some great wrecks and wildlife there. We may also take a ferry over to the surroundings islands for lunch. Non- DCL

Thursday, May 31st- Civitavecchia/Rome. We are taking the train into Rome from the port. We will then be taking an open double Decker bus, which stops throughout the city. We plan on visiting the Vatican and other popular sites. The one item I want to see, is the view from St. Peter's Basicila and eat gelato. Non-DCL

Friday, June 1st- Sea Day #2

Saturday, June 2nd- La Spezia/Florence. Private driver taking us to see the David, Florence, Pisa, and the surrounding countryside of Tuscany. Does it really lean??? GELATO! Non-DCL.

Sunday, June 3rd- Marseille. Down, down, down. After wandering around the town, we are going diving! Non-DCL I hope some of the local shops are open so I can purchase lavender soap!

Monday, June 4th- Villefranche/Nice/Monte Carlo. Our lovely dive master is going to bring the boat to the port and we are going diving again! Post dive we will wonder around the surrounding area as we are in port until 23:30! Non-DCL

Tuesday, June 5th- Sea Day #3

Wednesday, June 6th- They are kicking us off the ship!! We will be flying to Paris! I think we are going to the Louvre this night as it is open until 10pm.

Thursday, June 7th- Seeing Paris!

Friday, June 8th- Going to Disneyland Paris to celebrate Char's Birthday, one of my travelling companions.

Saturday, June 9th- Versailles- the fountains will be on and the extra houses will be open.

Sunday, June 10th- Going HOME- via Boston, where I will get to have some clam chowder at Legal Seafood, hopefully!

Future posts won't be this long- so don't worry. Please feel free to post questions in the comments section- I believe I did it so you won't have to register. I will also post photos and I am working on a podcast version! If all works well, you will be able to hear the podcast from the blog. If not, I'll post a link where you can listen to it.

I hope the information that follows is helpful and/or interesting to some. I have tried to find excursions which were different and/or cheaper than what DCL was offering. I also have information to post regarding keeping in touch with loved ones across the pond.

Well, it's getting late and I'm trying to get my new computer going....TTFN!



karl said...

can you provide info on who or how you booked the private tours no dcl!!
i ma going on the dcl wb repo crise next yr to la.

Anonymous said...

Great Job C...

Anonymous said...

Which dive operators did you use?