Monday, May 28, 2007


I am sitting in the back of the van on our private tour of Sicily. It is absolutely beautiful and it is interesting how different it is from Spain. When we were in Barcelona, we all said that it reminded us of New Orleans. Here however, I know that I am really in Italy as it reminds me of everything I saw in Rome, roughly 12 years ago- but with influences of those that have previously ruled the islands.

The churches are amazing, I will have to post my photos, with detailed descriptions. Please forgive me for the poor quality as I am using the camera phone on my blackberry. When I get home, I will take the time to put up a full gallery.

I am unsure if my posts are going through as I cannot get on the internet on the ship, the satellite is very, very slow. I am going to try and find an internet cafe before we leave today.

For my family, I am doing well and having a great time. My foot continues to be problematic and I wonder if it will ever feel better. I wear my brace consistently as I really need the stability for my ankle.

Robb, I hope to call you today, but I am going to wait until later so I am not calling in the middle of the night!

I will post more later, hopefully @ a real computer. DCL still appears to have the computer terminals- I have not seen the laptops that I had heard about on other podcasts.


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