Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Okay, I'm seriously lagging behind and my roommate is sleeping as I peck away at this little keyboard!

So people don't miss out on opportunities because I am a little fatigued, I am going to pick my favorites.

Want to feel like you are flying?

I had a blast on the segway tour in Barcelona! I learned tons about the city and had a blast doing so! Try

My favorite tour:

I had a hard time deciding between Florence and Palermo. I honestly have to say that Palermo one. DCL had poor selection on the history of that area and the excursions were pricey. I have not finished my posts on Palermo because I was still having growing pains with remote posting and lost data. Our guide Davide was not only knowledgeable, but we REALLY got to see nest things that you would never get to see otherwise and he was awesome!! My travelling companions continue to talk about that being our favorite. We learned and saw lots!

You have to email this address with tour in the subject line- please ask for Davide, you won't be sorry!

Best dive and most picture perfect port!


This is what my mind made Provencal France into and here it was! I haven't begun my post on this location yet, but you should absolutely!!! Go diving here! We had great creature hunting here, a wonderful dive instructor who got me to dive with 4 kg weight, and a super, super great time!! If there are cast or crew reading or if you have your gear- do not miss diving with Alex Diamond! Nothing could have been easier and I haven't had a better dive yet! I am going to leave out the juicy details for now, but trust me- go dive there with him, you will kick yourself for not doing so.

You might want to ask about resort dives- aka taking non certified divers down, I don't know if he does, but you might want to ask!

Gotta hit the hay!

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Anonymous said...

I contacted your tour guide for Sicily and he wants me to prepay for the trip. Did you do that Please reply at

Anonymous said...

omg i have just returned from a diving trip with alex diamond and it was very sad. you have to tell me the juicy details!?