Friday, June 1, 2007

A Day @ Sea!

Wow, I thought it would never come! I seriously needed this day at sea. This cruise has been very busy and full of lots of walking. After being off of my feet for a few weeks prior to the cruise, walking a few miles daily has made me much more tired than I normally would be.

I signed up for a few more DVC points today, because DH and I love AKL. I also slept in until 8:30, which is the latest I have slept this cruise. After my DVC appointment, we went to the presentation from the CEO of DLP. They will be having a few new rides out June 9! One is an indoor, dark roller coaster, something to do with crush.

After that point, I went to the CC party for repeat guests. Capt Tom gave possible sites for 2009; Baltik region, Hawaii, and Alaska. Tom McAlpin also spoke and seemed to dispell the belief that the current ships couldn't go to Alaska. Very strange after being told for years that they couldn't. Even if he didn't talk about it being possible for 2009, he did make it sound like it was plausable when the new ships came out. Personally, I think they will perminately put one of the ships out on the west coast and it will do Alaska in the summer. I also see this ship possibly doing Mexico and Hawaii in the other seasons.

Well, I am going to catch a quick nap. I am currently using my blackberry to send messages as we are close to land. I officially have given up on using the ship's internet, it is esp. Bad this cruise and ends up costing 20 (@ 0.55/min with package) or so for what could normally be done in 5 minutes or so.

I will give a few tips before I nap:
1- plan on wearing capri pants on shore excursions due to modesty regulations and churches. Men could use those pants that zip off. I haven't observed the europeans wearing shorts, even in hot weather.

2- if you are travelling in Naples, I would either plan on leaving them on the ship or doing a DCL excursion. The traffic is so crazy and the city is so busy, that I couldn't recommend taking children under 12 on the streets. It would be too easy for something to happen. I was thinking about my son the other night and came to that conclusion.

3- did you know that DCL has free video podcasts on the region and shore excursions on I-Tunes? It might help you decide what to do. I wouldn't recommend downloading them unless you have cable or dsl.



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