Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Marsielle photo and answers

This is the pier where our dive boat was, it was beautiful!

Here are some quick answers to questions; my ankle is feeling much better, thank you. I still have decreased rotation and some pain. I'm a little concerned because it remains mildly swollen- I meet with the doctor next Monday.

In regards to the blackberry: I have t-mobile with blackberry internet. I was able to have t-mobile add on an unlimited email plan for $20 for one month. All of my photos I send cost me. 0.40 usd to send and I currently have had to pay $1.00 per minute for the podcasts because I called from my cell phone. I could have called for less with a calling card, but I was too lazy.

I am not getting paid to recommend any of the vendors, nor am I getting paid to do the blog. Everyone who w has been with me can tell you that I paid the same rates as they did. It is just a carma thing.

Like I have said before, these are just my own opinions, thoughts, and suggestions.

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