Saturday, June 2, 2007

Fulfilling dreams!

Today I was able to do and see things that I have always wanted to do. They wouldn't allow us to take photos inside, so this is just slightly outside- as you can see from the glass. It was amazing to see the great detail of the piece, from the veins on the neck, hands, and feet. You can also see the forced perspective as the piece was initially supposed to be on a hill: the top half of the body is larger than the bottom. The hands themselves is amazing!

This is the bell tower by the Dummo. We climbed to the top of the dome- ALL 463 steps UP!! The view was beautiful and it was well worth it. I will post the photos from the top when I get home. The cost to climb to the top of the dome was 6 Euros, well worth it.

Our final stop was at Pisa and we climbed to the top! I was given a link by our tour company where we could prebook our time to go up the tower.

Our driver Servio has been wonderful and has provided us with information about the area and has allowed us to maximize our time. We have been able to see many more things- than we would have if we were having to deal with a large group. We also didn't have to wait in lines as our guide was able to reserve our spots for the David, we just paid for the tickets at the box office and they helped me book the Pisa times.

We also walked around Michelangelo square, a church with a monastery, the old bridge and Piti palace.

The drive through the country side was worth it alone! It's not snow on the mountain side, its marble!

Due to the distance from the port and the ship- I highly suggest looking into a private tour that will maximize your time in Florence. It is much harder for me to leave Florence, than it was Rome, since I haven't been here before. It has left me, wanting for more.

I am happy to recommend the company I used, everything was flawless and well executed!




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PURTYPAT1 said...

What all I can say is "Awsome" I love your reports & your photos. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

Can't wait for the next post.

How's your foot holding up.