Sunday, June 17, 2007

Two of my favorite items for the trip

I found two items that I really enjoyed using on the trip:

1- I purchased a small day pack/purse made by pacsafe, that I purchased at REI. The items made by this company are well crafted and made with safety in mind. I was able to clip the main zipper onto strap clip on the side so that entry into the main pocket would have been increasingly difficult by someone trying to steal something. The straps are cut proof and in between the layers of fabric is metal mesh- so that someone could not attempt to slash the bag and take the contents. Of course- should someone really want my bag- I would give it to them. I'd rather do that than be injured- but I purchased this bag after researching how to prevent the most common thefts. I was pleased with the purchase and would highly recommend it. I also purchased a camera strap that appears to be the typical neck strap- but it is a covered steel cable- so they can't come up to you and cut your camera cord and run off. There is also a release on the strap- so it can't be used to strangle you.

Check out their fine products:

Another great product for reducing your luggage size was this great compression sack from Granite Gear. I could see why this item was named one of the best camping products for 2007. This is the perfect thing for socks, underwear, etc - items that you don't care if they are wrinkled- you place everything in the bag- cinch it shut and then place the "Lid" on the top and pull the straps down. It takes the air out of the items and compresses it into a much smaller space. While this will not cut down on your weight- it will cut down on your space.

It was pretty cool and they one I had came in lime green:

I also had a little dry bag that was great and really light weight. When I find it- I will put it on the blog.

Oh- you can ship from the port- DON'T do it. I was tempted and gave it. I sent a small box that was less than 12 pounds and it was rougly $300!! YIKES- just pay the extra bag fee, it will probably be less!

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