Saturday, June 2, 2007

Rome photos

As my photos didn't go through last time and I am now on land, I thought I would try again. This was from the top of the open trambus.

This was just after I threw my coin into the Trevi fountain. We got off the bus and walked over to the fountain & Spanish steps. I don't have photos as I was looking for sunscreen.

I am currently in the van riding into Florence. The drive is as beautiful as one would imagine!

Inside St Peters.

More info on getting into Rome- there is a pass for ?9 that will get you in and out of Rome and will also allow metro use. Please know that with the shuttle DCL offers to the front of the port, that the walk is only 10 minutes and it is flat. Don't spend the $70 for the bus into Rome unless you are really uncertain about travelling on your own. It was really easy!

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PURTYPAT1 said...

Thanks for sharing, your photos they are Magnificent.