Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I totally hate to be a bossy cow, but...

Someone posted a comment regarding VAT not being paid on the ship- as the people who got on the ship today can confirm- YOU DO PAY VAT FOR ALL ITEMS PURCHASED ON THE SHIP! If you spend over 120 USD, on non-consumable goods, DCL will let you fill out a for, to get VAT back- but it all of the purchases have to have the same signature, or they won't allow it. I am working on getting caught up on the previous posts and we just arrived in Paris today. I love you travel agents, but I frequently have found that often when it comes to certain things- sometimes it is different. However, the process for VAT was easy- DCL had you drop off your receipts for Shutters and the other stores and then they filled out the forms and stuck it all under your door on the last night.

Basically I spent yesterday in bed and packing.

Gotta run-I'm using the computer in the lobby and there is a line.

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